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Managing hourly employees solved

Hire, train, schedule, track. Run your team like a pro.

TeamPro takes the "Work" out of "Work-Life Balance"

Managing hourly employees isn't easy but TeamPro can help. TeamPro software coordinates schedules, tasks and important documents so you can have an organized business that saves you time and makes more money. 


The TeamPro app is a single point of control for all the various aspects of running your business.

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All-in-one scheduling, training, and task management for business owners and managers of hourly employees.

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Simplified, no nonsense training and management app for the small business owner with hourly employees. What you need to manage your hourly employees and nothing more. 

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“TeamPro is like an operating system for my business. It simplifies so many of the things that used to eat up all my time. This software makes my business run so much better!”
Randy Testimonial

Randy Brinker
Owner, Sweet Mickey's

It's easy to get started:

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Sit back and enjoy your high performing business.

Get Organized

Most managers wear a dozen different hats and have to constantly juggle competing priorities and objectives. Operating a small business can quickly become overwhelming. That's why we created TeamPro. 

TeamPro keeps employees on track, in synch and working at their best. We've combined employee scheduling, task management, communication tools and a team knowledge base into one easy to use application that keeps your team on track and saves you time. Nothing slips through the cracks and everything just gets done


Get started saving time & money

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Work Smart

Are you ready to put an end the frustration of managing hourly employees? Ditch the lists, scraps of paper, tattered binders and smudgy whiteboard and run your team like a pro with the TeamPro app.

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